Welcome to Verse of Love, a fanlisting collective owned by one certain Ren. The collective has once again moved to a new location, after yet another re-installation of Enthusiast. And oh, what on earth is fanlisting, you say? To me, it's a way to express my adoration to certain subjects combined with the so-called practice of designing plus the joy of procrastination. But I'd highly advise that you go ask someone else about it. For now, feel free to take a look around! I hope that you'll enjoy your stay. ♥


Currently, I own 19 fanlistings, with 0 fanlisting in the making. I have recently built the fanlisting to Allen Walker & Lenalee Lee, please join if you're a fan ♥ There are 0 fans listed, and 0 in queue. Meanwhile, I have joined 101 fanlistings—the last fanlisting I joined was dedicated to Cuddling.