I’m reviving this collective after I got to re-install Enthusiast! (It was all thanks to Masao who helped me go through it) The old layout is hard to keep up with, so I decided to make a new one because the content was too outdated anyways.

I want to use something minimalistic for this layout. I want something that doesn’t bear too much colors, and since mint is my favorite color, I decided to use it. I figured I’d draw pretty, simple-looking flowers for my header. (I’ve always loved floral prints, but as an artist, I really suck at drawing them.)

I started with yellow chrysantemum for the header, but while coding the layout, I feel like I’m not quite happy with how the colors turn out, so I changed the color palette. No fancy textures or patterns are used in this layout, as everything is handmade by yours truly.

The image hover effects are tweaked from LittleSnippet, and the grid codes are modified from W3.css because I am a little shit who cannot code from scratch. :3 This website is designed to be mobile-friendly, but IMO the colors look too vibrant in my Samsung device. Not sure if it’s because of my display settings, though.


Affiliation with this collective is currently open. Feel free to poke me if you'd like to be one! :)

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Here are some buttons you can use to link this collective! As you can see, there aren’t many of them because I’m not too fond of making small graphics... lol...;;;

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